Japan, earthquake, tsunami......

Assalamua'laikum n hello dear readers.

First and foremost, my highest condolences goes to everyone affected by the devastation that has happened in Japan last two weeks. The aftereffect is still felt by most residents in Japan. As they scatter to find their belonging and loved one's, I can't even imagine how they goes on with their lives. I wish that the people there will have the strength and courage to build their lives. My prayers goes to all of my Muslim brother and sisters who have lost their lives, or lost a relatives, and property in Japan. Al-fatihah...

Tsunami originate from a Japanese word which means harbor wave. On that fateful day, no preparation could have saved Japan from a huge loss of life. Japan have the highest record for tsunami concurrences; approximately 195 recorded events. I know now that no one will ever deny the power of human nature, or more accurately, God's will. Water which seems so calm, and posses no danger most of the time, has become a deadly weapon.

How small we humans are

Here is something to think about. Humans always boast and say that they have build something that can withstand wind, earthquakes, and typhoons. However, when the scale of the events happening is so big, no one could comprehend or run from the true facts. And the fact in this case is that we humans are always living under the mercy of mother nature and God's will. We could always build strong foundations for a building, or the best possible design to prevent damage. On the other hand, God could build mountains and trees which are greater in scale and always useful to the life that contains it.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that we humans have achieve nothing. I'm just pointing out that humans could be more respectful, and cherish everything that God has given us. There is not a thing that happens without any reason at all. For example, trees, valleys, and wildlife, all are there for a special reason. Each of God's creation has a unique role in keeping the balance on earth.

Even humans get angry when their things or property are taken or damaged by someone else. Now think about the damage that we humans, have caused on mother nature. I'm sure even a rim of A4 paper will not be enough if we are to write it down one by one. In the name of development and technology, a lot of things were sacrificed. Even I myself have things that I should not have done which effected the nature.

If we love our nature more than we have, nature will surely love us back.

Stop being ignorant and open your eyes to the signs.

I was disgusted to see the ignorant comments on the website regarding this issue. Why is it that people fail to see that all of this is the work of God? What does it take for humans to realize that God really does exist. Do not ever say that all of this is just a coincidence like it is a yearly event or something. Seeing all of the things happening around us must have tip a switch or a button deep inside of us. Or can anyone be so heartless and don't feel anything from this?

Note to self: Breathing is something that I should be thankful for every single second. May we all use God's greatest gift, which is life itself, the best that we could.

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